Sunday, March 3, 2013

sleepy sleepy


How do you do?  I'm going to do a quick run-through of my past weekend and such because I'm uber tired.  :-p  This is a picture from this past Wednesday that I took at my friend Olivia's house.  We watched the french movie Amélie (it's very good!  I recommend it!), and I brought us lots of yummy goodies, including popcorn.  Olivia put the popcorn bag on a plate and it broke it!!!  I admit, I was laughing.

This weekend I had my first experience butchering a cow with Chris's family.  It was very interesting.  I didn't really mind it---I only minded the cold!  His grandmother bought me this really cute glass necklace piece though, and made us yummy food!  That night Chris took me to Monical's and we ate the breadstick like they were the most delicious morsels on earth.  (Literally, I thought I was going to die eating them they were so good.)  We passed out as soon as we got home.  Today, we went to my house and ate yummy ribs!!!

On the way back to Champaign.  I wish he would really style his hair like this haha.

On the way to his grandparent's.  Looking like a farmer with his Starbucks green thingy.  (What are they called???)

Hot tea and honey!!!!!!

More Starbucks, hehe.  I had a mocha.  It was sooooo good.  I want one thinking about it.

The little rascal Charlie. :)


Have a great day! :)  Comment your thoughts and share!


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