Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A cold, rainy day... And free Jimmy Johns!

Hello there,

Today was cold... and wet.  I woke up (somewhat) late so I threw on some clothes, put my crazy curly hair into a disgusting bun, covered it with a baseball cap, and dashed out the door.  Luckily, when I finally realized just how terrible the rain was outside, I remembered that my new umbrella was conveniently snuggled in the side pocket of my backpack.  I had just bought it (my old one was broken), and, I admit, was a little excited to use it.  I like new things!  I'm spoiled!  But, of course, the wind was so terrible that it completely destroyed my new umbrella and I came to class with soaked jeans anyway.  Even though the majority of my morning was terrible, I got a free mini sandwich from Jimmy Johns just as my stomach was starting to grumble!  Yay!

I feel like I'm super busy this week!  I wrote down (most) of the important things I have to do on this adorable sandwich post-it, scratching off what gets done with a blue pen.  But whenever I remove something from my list, I have to add another!  Never ending!

Sadly enough, I just can't seem to only focus on my homework.  After doing it all day, my mind began to wonder.  I did my nails, putting on a gray base and then applying purple sparkles on top.  Normally, I'm not a big fan of sparkles, but it made me pretty happy to see them shine today.  As you can see, I positively have superb nail skills.  I'll probably pick it all off tomorrow.

My abundant plethora of colored pencils!  As soon as I start working again and have money (oh, I can't wait), I want---no, need---to buy more!  I love admiring and using all the different shades of colors, and the names they come up with crack me up.  It isn't just red, it's wildfire.  Duh!  Get it right!

This is my little Finn doll from my overstuffed shelf!  (I have way too much crap, but I kind of like the feeling of clutter.  Makes me feel cozy.)  His big goofy smile makes my day brighter every time! :-)

Best Wishes,


P.S.  Thank you boyfriend of mine for getting me this amazing camera!  I've literally used it everyday since you've entrusted it to my untrustable hands!  Love you!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Homework and Paradiso

Hi there!

I only have one class on Mondays (lucky me!), which is French.  My French partner brought me Dove chocolate because she felt bad about doing her part for our composition last minute even though she was completely busy all weekend with a conference.  Poor thing!  All turned out good, though, and I went to the English basement to do homework and wait for my friend Olivia so we could go to this great coffee shop called Paradiso!  (It's my favorite!)  I told myself that I need to stop spending money but I let myself splurge a little bit today because we won't have a lot of time to hang out this semester.  This is me with my small maple spice latte and blueberry bagel smothered with messy peanut butter!

This is my friend Olivia.  She's a junior in creative writing and an all-around great and interesting person.  She's extremely intelligent, and every time we talk I'm either enlightened or learn something new.  She didn't want me to post these pictures on facebook (which I didn't!) but I couldn't resist to on here because these pictures of her are so adorable.

My Maple Spice latte.  I'm going to stop buying lattes though because I finally realized that I don't like them.  I'm much more of a tea person.  So much money wasted!  I just think the word latte sounds too pretty to not like the hot beverage.  Shame.  : c  I didn't even drink half of this one and Olivia was ashamed to know me, haha.  (She LOVES coffee.)

Awkward smile.

This is a clock at Paradiso that I absolutely love.  Look at all the little gears!  Too cool!

Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog journal!  Have a great day!

Best Wishes,


Sunday, February 24, 2013

And so I introduce myself to you.

Hello there, how do you do?

 My name is Katie Gamble.  I started this blog as a sort of internet journal.  (So 2013, don't you think?)  I'm nineteen-year-old college student in Creative Writing.  After hearing this, people usually ask me what I plan on doing with my life.  And to them I say this:  Yes, most likely you will be seeing me on the streets begging for a penny or two, so be generous!!!  Please : )

This is me and my boyfriend of (almost) a year, Chris.  He's a big nerd like me.  We both like watching movies, eating B-Dubs, laughing, comic books, and long walks on the beach, of course.

Um, this is a random bird.

Sooo right now I'm in the process of reading the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë for the third time. The first two times were of my own free will, the second against it for English 200.  However, I still love that reading such a fantastic piece of literature is my homework.  Mr. Rochester is dreamy, isn't he???  What a hunk.  Locking crazy wife in the attic and all.

Best Wishes, 

Katie :-)