Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scchhhooool ugh

Hilo everyone!!!

How are you?

Chris only came over on Saturday this weekend because I have soooo much homework (kill me).  Of course, though, I spent most of my time Friday night watching Netflix... Then yesterday we went and watched The Host.  It was cheesy.  :l  I was a little disappointed.  I did cry though, and Chris made fun of me. :c  We went to Barnes and Nobel and I got Wicked by Gregory Maguire and The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano.  (I love the edges of the Wicked book because they're green!!! yay!)  Did some homework last night, and that's what I've been doing all day today, including laundry.



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spriiiiing Break Blizzards


This spring break I did a lot of working and eating..... A lot, a lot of eating.

Mom, Cody, and I visited Riley and Trey.  We ate pizza (I had two pieces of pepperoni pizza, three pieces of dessert pizza, and a breadstick... or maybe two.. can't remember), and talked about this summer's vacation plans.  This is Riley and her Bear.  She made its clothes.

Their dog Shawty.

Trampoline time!  These kids like to beat each other up.

It was also Chris's and my one-year this past Saturday.  We just laid around most of the day and then he made steak and I burned our potatoes.  It was a great day! :)

- Katie

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

writing tips from me!

In which I talk about characters and stuff. :)

A popcorn and twizzler kind of week..

The weather has been weird and crazy, and I don't like it!  I hate cold!  I used to think I liked the cold, but what I really liked was sitting in front of the heater and hot drinks and indoor days.  Now that I have to walk in this on a daily basis, I know the truth!

I've been eating a lot of twizzlers this week (guilty!) and popcorn.  I've been thinking about food a lot lately.  I'm always hungry, it's seems.  Or I just like snacking, but who doesn't?  My favorite this week is hot tea.  Since I don't have a stove I have to get hot water from the bathroom sink and then heat it up some more in my microwave.  The sad college days, indeed.  I also had a Peanut Butter Banana smoothie and a pepperoni and provolone cheese sub for lunch today.  So good... 

On Saturday, I watched a few episodes of DC Cupcakes on Netflix, and now I want a cupcake so bad! I blame this show for my never-ending obsession with food this week.

On Monday, a man bought Olivia a grilled cheese sandwich.  The money went to charity, so it was an all-around good deed!  Olivia attributes this good luck of hers to having saved a worm a few days before.  Karma?  We went to Yankee candle and she asked the employees what scent she would be.  They didn't quite know how to answer.

So dreary outside...

My polka-dot shirt from Emma!!!  It's the only pink thing I own, I think.

- Katie

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm wondering today...

I'm wondering about a lot of things today.  I read in my human sexuality book about the stigmas of contracting HIV or a STI, and it makes me think about how much we judge people everyday.  It's depressing how much we put people down.  Whether they're homosexual or straight, whether they're too skinny or too fat, whether they're funny enough or outgoing enough or their own personal lifestyle choices all factor into our everyday judgments.  I think it's time that we start challenge our own prejudices.

Those include prejudices against others, and even the ones you have against yourself.  I participated in a body self-image event, and it really resonated with me.  We rely on so much what others perceive of us into creating how we feel about ourselves.  If society thinks your fat, you're more likely to have a worse self-esteem.  It's important to realize that your body will never be perfect, and it's these little imperfections that make you unique and beautiful, not how skinny you are.  If you're confident in who you are that will show through, and confident people are attractive even if they're a pound or thirty over "average."

Being healthy is always a great idea, but don't expect to lose a ton of weight quickly.  Chances are, being skinny or the ideal won't give you self-esteem if you don't already have it.  If you want to lose weight, good for you, but do it for the right reasons and the right way.  It's good to have a healthy diet, but allow yourself to live a little sometimes!  It's okay to eat that cupcake!  You know you want to.

Of course, nothing can ever be perfect, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't always strive to better ourselves and our thought processes!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

People were loud last night so...

I couldn't sleep. :I  And I'm soooo tired!  (My head began drooping in my Anthropology lecture, only to snap back.)  Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper.  Especially since I just finished my ten-page story I have to turn in today yesterday, and I'm not sure how well it's going to do in workshop, and today I have to finish my Buzz article, which I hate.  Every word I write feels like torture.  Never ending torture.

I just wanna sleep and cry today.  I can't wait for summer.

In more positive news, here are some inspiring words to a writer from blogger Jeff Goins:


- Katie

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh Mitchell...

In this video, Mitchell asks what the definition of life is.  Our personal definition.  I don't quite know what this definition for me is, which troubles me.  I feel like I should know!  So in the rest of my blog posts I want to end it by trying to think or sort out a definition until I come out with something I'm satisfied with.

If you have a definition of your own please comment!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

my origin (life) story

Hi all!  I don't have any pictures or stories for you today (just a lot of slushing around in the cold and being irritated about it), but I do have a video I made to show you!

Monday, March 4, 2013

story idea, please come to me


So... I have a story due Thursday...

And I gots no ideas!


And I also have a Buzz story due Friday.  :/  My life.

This is Olivia's puppy, Gandolf.  I went to Olivia's house today to watch our weekly french movie.  It was very good!  I had a little puppy photo shoot.  Olivia told me that I should be a fiction writer and a pet photographer on the side.  Two very unconventional jobs right there!

Olivia likes cute, spooky things.

She made me the most delicious hot chocolate in the entire world!  She makes everything old school, so I think that has something to do with it.

Salut, mes amis!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

sleepy sleepy


How do you do?  I'm going to do a quick run-through of my past weekend and such because I'm uber tired.  :-p  This is a picture from this past Wednesday that I took at my friend Olivia's house.  We watched the french movie Amélie (it's very good!  I recommend it!), and I brought us lots of yummy goodies, including popcorn.  Olivia put the popcorn bag on a plate and it broke it!!!  I admit, I was laughing.

This weekend I had my first experience butchering a cow with Chris's family.  It was very interesting.  I didn't really mind it---I only minded the cold!  His grandmother bought me this really cute glass necklace piece though, and made us yummy food!  That night Chris took me to Monical's and we ate the breadstick like they were the most delicious morsels on earth.  (Literally, I thought I was going to die eating them they were so good.)  We passed out as soon as we got home.  Today, we went to my house and ate yummy ribs!!!

On the way back to Champaign.  I wish he would really style his hair like this haha.

On the way to his grandparent's.  Looking like a farmer with his Starbucks green thingy.  (What are they called???)

Hot tea and honey!!!!!!

More Starbucks, hehe.  I had a mocha.  It was sooooo good.  I want one thinking about it.

The little rascal Charlie. :)


Have a great day! :)  Comment your thoughts and share!