Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's been a while! Hi!

Okay, first off, for anyone reading this, get me cupcakes!!!  I'm craving them so bad!  ;_;  It's a serious problem.

So yesterday I spent my time in between classes drawing (instead of doing homework, of course).  It was the most fantastic thing in the entire world.

Marshall Lee from Adventure Time

Fionna and Prince Gumball from Adventure Time

The lamp on my desk... (Do you see my name in the picture???)

Alice in Wonderland... Don't really like how the color pencil looks. :/

Something I drew for my friend Angel.

I finished the show Weeds this past Sunday (watched the entire last season in one day... This is my life!).  I was sad it ended, but at least I'll have more free time now!  Show addictions take over my life and brain.

Also, today I woke up, went to the bathroom, and sleepily trudged to the sink to wash my hands only to see tons of dead gnats all over the sinks and shelves.  Gross, gross, gross!  I guess they've been getting in through the windows, so we even had to close our windows in our room to keep the nasties out.

Help us!!!!


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